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#Takeover: The Unsalables

Blog by The Bannard Rushton Group | September 1st, 2016

One of my favorite things about selling Real Estate is selling a home that was previously thought unsalable. This has little to do with my ego and more to do with the fact that I truly believe in the services we provide our clients and their homes. The following homes were all listed with other Real Estate companies without a successful sale, in some cases with better market conditions then we are in now. One thing I was told early in my career is that talk is very cheap, unfortunately in Real Estate that can be very expensive for home owners.

8116 9th Avenue SW
Previously listed for 151 days with only 6 showings from February-June 2016
We suggested a 3.2% price reduction from their most recent listing price and had a firm sale in 13 days (August 2016)SV_43.jpg

407 Rocky Ridge Drive NW
Previously listed for 78 days from April-July 2010 and another 98 days from February-May 2013 (both times no offers)
We suggested a listing price increase of $40,000 (5.6%) from their most recent listing price, received three offers and sold for above our increased asking price in 13 days (August 2016)

SV - 33.jpg

121 Heritage Bay, Cochrane
Previously listed for 94 days with no offers from May-June 2016
We suggested a 4,5% price reduction from their most recent listing price and had a firm sale in 21 days (July 2015)SV_04.jpg

Having a plan makes a difference...it's no longer enough for a Realtor to put a For Sale sign on the lawn and wait for the phone to ring...If you have had past challenges selling your house or condo we would love to chat with you. Our marketing, follow up and communications plan is aggressive and we are after results (just like you are)