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Mission Condo Update June 2013

Blog by The Bannard Rushton Group | July 8th, 2013

Download the Complete June 2013 Mission Condo Update

June 2013 Thoughts...
  • Obviously the flood has a HUGE effect on sales in the Mission area. We were evacuated from our condo on 26th Avenue at 2:30pm on Thursday June 20th and we are still not back home. Of the 8 sales in Mission in June 7 were prior to the floods.
  • What is going to happen to the Mission Condo market is still a bit up in the air but a  few things are for certain; Mission will      continue to be one of the most vibrant communities to live in our City and the City of Calgary will learn from the traumatic events and will be better prepared if/when this happens again..
  • An enormous THANK YOU top everyone who came to help our community in our time of need, we will not forget you when you need us!
3 Months of Sales:

April 2013

Total Sales: 13
High Sale Price: $669,400
Low Sale Price: $177,500 
May 2013

Total Sales: 20
High Sale Price: $2,790,000
Low Sale Price: $185,000 
June 2013

Total Sales: 8
High Sale Price: $2,990,000
Low Sale Price: $207,000

Top Buildings by Sales in May
  • Taymar Lofts, 317 19th Avenue SW: 2 Sales
  • 7 other buildings with 1 sale each

Buying or Selling a Condo in Mission? Contact Craig Rushton for a full breakdown of recent sales.