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Point and Shoot Penthouse Marketing: FAIL

Blog by The Bannard Rushton Group | August 8th, 2013

Bad-Listing-Photo.jpgWe put a lot of focus on Penthouses and believe they are some of the most special condos in all of Calgary; they are dramatic and on top of the world, they are the condos I dreamed about selling many years ago when I first began selling Real Estate. I came across a couple of listings this week that disappointed me...Listings of incredible penthouses with some of the worst listing photos I have ever seen. I am not going to point fingers nor identify the culprits but this greatly disappoints me for a few reasons:

  1. It has been proven over and over again that customers/potential buyers want photos: That great photos are more important than virtual tours, walkscore and all the other crap that we do. Realtor.ca allows us as agents to put up to 20 photos on the site, there is no excuse to have less. Most personal websites allow unlimited photos to be uploaded...there should be a photo of each and every room of the condo! 
  2. Professional Photos don't cost the client more money: At least it shouldn’t, it sure doesn't cost our clients more money. We charge a commission and we should be confident that we can get the condo sold. We pay for the photos (typically before the listing is even on the market) 
  3. Incredible Photos grab people’s attention: I tell all of my clients I have no idea how I am going to sell their condo. But I have a marketing plan that we follow and I know one of the things on the list will get the condo sold. Great photos attract attention: isn't this what we are after?

I am passionate about selling condos (I hope this is obvious), but I am also passionate about doing things the right way for our clients. Just a quick rant as I sit at my desk on an overcast day but I hope it resonates with you (whether you are a Buyer, Seller, or even a Realtor). 

~Craig 403.975.0910