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Selling & Marketing Unique and Luxury Homes in Calgary

Blog by The Bannard Rushton Group | November 9th, 2012

container home.jpgThe Real Estate Market in Calgary has changed and is changing every day.

We read everyday about the "Influx of Money from here" or the "boom there" and that our market is "leading the way in Canada for the next number of years yet there are homes sitting unsold across Calgary.

So, if you own a unique home or a luxury home in Calgary how do you get it sold?

1.  Honesty: No matter what the Realtor you hire needs to be honest with you. Honest about the value of your home, honest about the way your home shows and honest about what they are doing to get it sold. REMEMBER: Sometimes the truth can hurt but not as much as a lie.

2.  Professional Photos: Cheap, poor quality photos give the impression of a cheap, poor quality home. Bseite_12_hintergrund_b_type.jpgecause buying Real Estate is such an emotional decision if a first impression (which is typically online) is poor it is not a good start to a successful sale.

3.  A Great Network: Buyers of unique and Luxury homes in Calgary are not always Local. Your home needs to be exposed not only to Local buyers but National and International buyers as well. This can be done through your agents Marketing Plan-typically their online presence-or their network of other Realtors. Typically larger Real Estate companies have larger networks across Canada, the USA, Asia and Europe.

4.  Hard Work: Five years ago you could stick a For Sale sign in the front yard and wait for the offers to pour in...times, they have changed. Selling Real Estate-especially unique and luxury properties-is a 7 day a week job where successful agents dedicate time whitehouseexterior.jpgeveryday to actively pursuing buyers for their clients properties.

BOTTOM LINE: Whether you own a heritage home in Altadore, a custom Loft Downtown, a view home in the suburbs of acreage in the outskirts here is a buyer for you. It is your Realtor's job to find that buyer, not wait for them to find you.