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What is a Blind Analysis?

Blog by The Bannard Rushton Group | April 25th, 2016

We get a TON of emails and messages through our website from people curious about what their Calgary condo, house, loft, townhouse, etc is worth. The truth is it is impossible to give an accurate answer without seeing a property and doing our homework; every home has it's own personality, quirks, features and benefits. Because of this we have developed what we call a 'Blind Analysis' essentially we do a broad evaluation of your home based on recent sales, current listings and our knowledge of the market. From there we give you a suggested listing range. Although we are usually pretty accurate it wold be irresponsible if us to give you an exact number without seeing your home first. This is a great first step for people who are thinking about selling but aren't quite ready to have us come over to their home.

Give it a try!