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Q & A with Craig 

Why Real Estate as a Career?
I was born in small town in Nova Scotia into a Real Estate family. My father was a Realtor then broker/owner, my mother ran the office and my grandfather was a property manager and mortgage broker. By fate, my dad took a job with C21 corporately and moved us to Vancouver when I was 12. When I started in Real Estate in Downtown Vancouver all anyone in our office really sold was condos so I had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the condo greats during the boom there. When Allison and I decided to finally live in the same city after a long period of long-distance Calgary was an easy choice for me because of the growing condo market and culture.

Tell us about your 1st Sale
My first sale was a 600ish SqFt 1 bedroom condo in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver. I got the client from working our office floor shift and I think my boss at the time felt sorry for me. I Open Housed (yes, it's a verb) that little condo all day, everyday. It was November, as we know in November the weather is not very nice in Vancouver therefore the open house traffic wasn't all that good. It sold in about a month for $194,500 and I was hooked.

What Market do you Prefer; Calgary or Vancouver?
I LOVE selling real estate in Calgary! Almost anyone has the ability to buy a home in a great neighbourhood. Last year I sold a loft on the Westside to a 22 year old client. She finished school, got a job, made a plan to buy a condo and did, it's awesome.

What's the Worst Part of Real Estate?
As much as we get to be involved with an exciting part of our clients lives (buying a home, moving) we also see the other side of Real Estate and life; divorces, foreclosures, family members dying...I have pretty thick skin but it can really wear on you.

Praise & Feedback for Craig 

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