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#TakeOver: 905 Wentworth Villas SW, Calgary, AB

Blog by The Bannard Rushton Group | July 18th, 2018

This townhouse was magnificent; pristinely kept, 17' ceilings in the kitchen and dining room and an attached garage. It was also on the market for 100 days with another real estate company without so much as an offer. We came in on day 101 and knew right away that price wasn't the issue. We looked at the marketing plan and made adjustments including the way the listing description was written; a big part of marketing is identifying who is going to buy your product (whether you are selling homes or khakis) and tailoring your marketing to that demographic profile. We received an offer after the 1st open house and had a firm sale in 13 days while selling for 98% of our asking price and getting the client her ideal closing day.

In this market it takes a heck of a lot more than a 'For Sale' sign in the front lawn and a posting on Realtor.ca to sell a home, as a seller you have choices in the Realtor you hire to represent your home: do your homework and interview Realtors who can get the done regardless of the market conditions.