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Q & A with Allison

Why Real Estate?
My Mother Sandra started selling Real estate with Century 21 in 1999. At the time I was living in London Ontario.  In 2007 Sandra invited me to join her forming a Mother Daughter team where our different personalities, skills and backgrounds provided us with the opportunity to work with different clients.

What did you do before Real Estate?
Before Real Estate I spent 5 years in Ontario and 1 year in Alberta working with people with disabilities.  I worked in group homes, day programs and one on one with both adults and children.         

What's your Favorite Drink?
Wine, I love Wine.  There is nothing better than after a long day showing houses to come home to a great glass of wine on the back deck. 

What is your favorite part of being a Realtor?
I Love the “Ah-Ha” moment.  When a client we have been working with for days/weeks/months walks in to the home a instantly knows this the one.    

What is the biggest change since you started in Real Estate.
In only 10 years the advancement in technology have completely change the way we do business and in turn stream lined the process of buying and selling.  When I first started we used carbon copy contract and fax machines, and pagers.  Now we run everything from an I phone.  Programs like docusign have simplified the process of buying and selling from anywhere in the world whether you are on vacation in Hawaii or buying a vacation home in Calgary the process is simple and stress free.    

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