Calgary offers some incredible condos and an ever-growing condo culture. Here are a few of our favorite segments in the market today along with deets on some of our favorite buildings.

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The Loft Collection

The Loft lifestyle is truly like none other. Polished concrete floors, exposed beams/pipes, 100 year old brick walls... Calgary offers some incredible options for those who crave the uniqueness and vast open spaces that only lofts can provide. Whether your style is converted from an industrial past or newly built we have something for you.

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The Penthouse Collection

The epitome of Luxe Living in Downtown Calgary. Step into your elevator, push the "PH" key and climb skyward towards to your abode amongst the clouds. This is the top of the world enjoying Calgary's most enviable views, the first hint of dawn and the sunset as only a few can see.

Calgary Luxe Condos ($1M+)
The Townhouse Collection

Calgary townhouses offer the rare opportunity to own a more "traditional" home (with a front door) in the heart of our city. The ultimate in Urban/Suburban compromise combining the conveniences of condo living with the privacy and freedom of your own house.

Calgary Townhouse Listings:
1 Bedroom          2 Bedrooms          3+ Bedrooms 
Calgary Heritage Houses and Condos

There is something special about heritage homes; the character, quirks and whimsy make us remember a different era and are often a great alternative to infills and generic boxes in the sky. Explore Calgary, Inner City Heritage living and see if it is the right for you.

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