FAQ from Sellers

We get asked some great questions when we are being interviewed by a potential client to sell their condo. Here are some of the most popular. We will add to the list as more come up.

Q: Are you a Full-time Realtor? 
A: Yes, I think it is impossible to do this job part-time. The phone rings with inquiries, showing requests, and questions about our listings all day, every day and in order to get our clients the highest price for their condo we need to be available all the time.

Q: How long have you been a Realtor?
A: I have been a licensed Realtor since August 2006. I started my career with Century 21 In Town Realty in Vancouver and when life brought me to Calgary, I used my unique knowledge of condominiums and skill set as a marketer and negotiator to quickly become a fixture in the Calgary condo market. I LOVE this market and I find it very exciting to watch condo culture grow in our city!

Q: How will you market my condo for my best advantage?
A: We have a 21+ point condo marketing plan that I would love to go over with you in person. In the meantime, you can find the basic steps in our marketing strategy here 

Q: What do you think about open houses?
A: They work; bottom line. In 2013 I closed over $2 million directly from open houses, people walking in and buying the home. My philosophy is that I honestly have no idea what is going to sell your condo, but if we follow our plan then one of the steps will get your condo sold, I am sure of it.

Q: How will you keep me informed during the listing process? 
A: Communication is crucial during a business agreement. I send each of my client an email every Monday letting them know what happened last week, what is the plan for this coming week and any feedback we receive. We follow up after every showing regarding pricing, presentation, and how we compare-in their opinion to other units they have viewed.

Q: How did you arrive at the suggested listing Price?
A: The most important things to look at when pricing a condo are: (a) Comparables: recent sales and current active listings in the building and (sometimes) immediate neighbourhood. (b) The condo itself: how does it look, feel, and smell? How accommodating can we be with showings? Is it tenanted? (c) Today's market. What is happening with condos in this price bracket right now? If inventory is low, can we push our asking price a little bit or do we need to be more aggressive with our offering?

Q: Who pays for the required condo documents that a buyer will request?
A: I do.